Ojibway Power and Energy Group (OPEG) is a game-changing partnership between the Lac La Croix First Nation (LLCFN) and Gemini Power Corp. (GPC) to develop hydroelectric generation assets within the traditional territory of the Lac La Croix First Nation.

This unique partnership model conceived by GPC will, over time, see LLCFN as the 100% owners of projects developed under OPEG. This will bring leveragable, tangible wealth to the community while simultaneously building the capacity, experience, and expertise necessary to manage these assets over their lifetime. The partnership embodied within OPEG represents a new and ambitious way of enabling development with First Nations as true partners in stark contrast to the current practice of simple ‘accommodation’.

Throughout the development of the High Falls GS, LLCFN has been, and continues to be, involved in all aspects of the project; from the initial environmental and socio-cultural studies through to design, construction, and eventually operation.

OPEG is currently focused on the development of a hydroelectric generating station at High Falls on the Namakan River. Further details can be found on theProjects Page.